Wardens of Iriolan

Out of the darkness

Fighting and a feast

The brave adventurers saw their friend down by the dragon and while the dwarves discussed a plan of action the brave Brin Blackwick climbed down to rescue his friend. The kobolds below moved to engage but with some clever boulder rolling the noble Brin Blackwick managed to get around them to his wounded friend. The honorable Brin Blackwick first tried to win over the kobolds with diplomacy which almost suceeded when it turned out the dragon was sick and needed a healer. After Etomar didn’t favour his paladin with the power of healing the kobolds got angry and the chieftain took a hold of the courageous Brin Blackwicks wounded friend Vraana. To even the odds the tactical mastermind Brin Blackwick threatened to hurt their precious dragon. More and more kobolds entered the cave along with some very big goblins. While the elegantly dressed Brin Blackwick didn’t consider surrender he couldn’t let his wounded friend die at the hands of a kobold so he surrendered his dragon advantage so the cheiftain would give up Brins friend.

Suddenly a voice screaming profanities was heard and the big goblins attacked Brin Blackwicks noble band of adventurers. The kobolds started to run away and a fight ensued. During the battle the always quick thinking Brin Blackwick noticed a man in dark armor as the source of the profanities. Shortly after the fight started both Xehith Ironbrand and Vraana were knocked out but not slain by the goblins who instead chose to focus on the man with the dazzling smile, Brin Blackwick, and his dwarven friend Nomorak. Nomorak managed to dispatch them while the always ahead thinking Brin Blackwick was resting to gather his strength for future battles. After the battle the victors got a lot of shiny gold as their reward but making their way out of the cave the man with strong family values, Brin Blackwick, found a letter that could give some clue as to where his sister is located which was more important to him than all the gold in the world. It was signed with the initials J. A. Mysterious indeed.

The great party managed to find an inn and in that inn they had a great party. It was quite a feast where they befriended a decently good-looking-but-not-as-handsome-as-the-strong-Brin-Blackwick halfling by the name of Jolly Dewfoot. He was tasked to sing the song of the legendary Brin Blackwick, a task which he had long dreamed of. Three days they stayed in the village before embarking on the next step of their journey.

Excerpt from “Brin Blackwicks legends of adventure” by Jolly Dewfoot.


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