Wardens of Iriolan

The Ravine

Not Again...

We begin where we left off, with three of our heroes desperate to defend themselves after the fourth was taken away by goblins. Xehith, Brin, and Nomorak were in pretty bad shape, having fought the Golem and dealt with the collapsing cave ceiling themselves. After witnessing Ivory get dragged away by goblins, the group watched as another, larger in stature than most others, stepped to the front of the group of (oddly) well armed, and (more oddly) well arranged, goblins. A group of kobolds also stood watchfully in the west corridor, waiting for something to happen. The beast slashed its swords together, and Brin challenged it to a duel in return, calling it out specifically. The duelists traded blows, Brin parrying blows by the monster but both of them landing blows on each other.

Within moments, Xehith had summoned a flaming flail and intervened, killing the beast. The other goblins jumped to action, as did Nomorak. He took care of the vast majority of them, along with Xehith dispatching several. He was struck down to the ground after missing a swing at a goblin, and before either of his companions could notice, he got up, and grabbed the goblin by his throat, disintegrating him into pure flame, deep fire in his eyes. His companions were rightfully concerned.

Nomorak attempted to shield bash Xehith, and was knocked aside, as was Brin. The two of them got up, taunting Xehith, and running off down the west hall. Xehith followed, albeit several paces behind. The two lucid adventurers raced off down the hall, coming over a rise to see a huge ravine expand before them. It was lit intermittently by torches hung at various heights down the several hundred meter long ravine, itself only 20 or so meters wide. Huts and other sorts of residences were built into the walls all around the ravine, on all levels, and kobolds were running frantically in all directions. Nomorak and Brin ran off down the slope into the deepest part of the ravine, headed to the other side. Turning around, they saw as Xehith slaughtered several kobolds and incinerated a hut. Attempting to minimize the damage, Brin grabbed his trusty rope and hook, slinging it as hard as he could at Xehith, wrapping it around his leg and yanking him off his feet as hard as he could. Xehith grabbed at the rope around his leg, managing to set it aflame, as he was dragged along the depth of the ravine. Watching this, Nomorak waited for the perfect moment, and slammed Xehith’s head with his shield as he slid by on Brin’s rope.

And now, a moment of silence, for Brin’s rope and hook.

Anyway, Brin grabbed a new rope and hook out of his bag, and tied it to Nomorak’s shield, which they placed the unconscious Xehith on and pulled along to the other end of the ravine, finding at the end of it a large continuation of the hall. Walking off down it, they found a small alcove underneath several rocks which seemed a good hiding spot to rest; but Nomorak was not satisfied with just this, sending Brin in to investigate at first, and going in himself after Brin reported that there was a skeleton on the ground. Searching the cave for cracks or anything of the sort, Nomorak a chest beside the skeleton, which Brin investigated. In his tired and shaken state, Brin jostled the skeleton which he thought moved and fell on him, but which had not actually moved. Nomorak took a look for himself, and found a key which seemed to fit the chest he’d found in its hand.

Nomorak set up camp, and, taking the first watch, placed the chest beside Brin, and allowed him and Xehith to rest. Later, Brin woke for his watch, found the chest, and promptly opened it. As Nomorak laid down for sleep, Brin opened the chest and found a cestus inside. Trying it on, he tried punching the wall, which cracked with a loud rumble, and the whole cave shook. Brin was excited.

Waking up several hours later, Xehith, Brin, and Nomorak all continued out into the hallway and off to wherever they might find themselves. Rounding a bend and walking up a slope, they saw a light at the end of the hall. Making it to the edge, they found themselves standing in a hole of a wall, small in comparison to the size of the cavern it was in. Looking around, they saw that the cavern was several hundred meters tall, with an opening and the sky above, and holes in the walls all around them. On the ground, a small dragon lay atop a mound of treasure and gold, asleep. In front of it was a procession of kobolds and a few goblins, which seemed to be in some sense praying, and at the forefront of it all, Ivory unconscious and apparently beaten up on the mound of treasure as well, meters from the dragon’s maw.


Lwalker Lwalker

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