Wardens of Iriolan

The Party

Dragon Drops by

The days were winding away towards the party, and the group began to take some last errands around Ohmnet.

- Xehith went to the temple of Etomar, to attempt to see if he could count on Etomar helping him to keep the demons inside him at bay; but something shook him, and he felt thrown by it. He did not feel fully comfortable going to the party, but he knew he had to.

- Nomorak looking for something to do, visited the town guard to see if he could help out in some way. The Guard Captain told him that a party of miners was going out to mine some ore and jewels, and would need some protection on the road. On the way there, the party got lost, and Arsene had to help them get back on track, although he butted heads a bit with the jealous leader of the mining party. Once they were back to town, the Captain thanked Arsene for his work and paid him a little money. Not feeling very good on the inside, he decided later that night to look about town for a healer. However, in asking around, he did rather poorly in asking around town, and was actually to the annoyance of everyone.

- Brin spent the day in his room, preparing himself for the party the next day, refitting his new finery, practicing telling stories, and more.

- Vrana, looking for some money, went out to find a healing shop of some sort, and found a small office run by an elven woman named Rina. She helped her in her healing some wounded soldiers for a few hours, and afterwards, payed Rina to train her a little and show her some tricks in healing.

The next morning, Nomorak left breakfast with the others, stating he was going to try and find a healer as with the previous day. Vrana stopped him, and told him that she knew of a healer. She led him to Rina’s shop, and left him there. Nomorak went in, asking Rina to heal him of his debilities, and she said it would take several days of rest, and would cost him a pretty penny.

That night…

It is the birthday party of Talyn, Nomi the Beardless’ wife. The group enters a large ballroom, with two large sets of stairs winding around into the floor. Arsene stepped forward, announcing the entrance of the adventurers. As this was happening, Brin entered in a big way, sliding down a rope and landing on a tray, knocking over the servant carrying it, sliding across the floor, and kneeling in front of a short looking man he did not recognize, stating “Brin Blackwick, at your service.”

Xehith notices Brin speaking to the short man, notices that it is actually Nomi himself, and knows Brin will most likely make a fool of them. He rushes down after Brin, and as Brin steps away, he speaks to Nomi, apologizing for Brin’s behavior. Brin had left, them behind, swarmed by fans of his, and eventually found his way to Mudani.

Then, the party begins.

The group mingled around the party, trying their best to make good impressions.
Brin tried to be his regular self, charming left and right, but was slightly held down by Mudani constantly clinging to him. He landed a spot at her table (the kid’s table).
Xehith felt perpetually uncomfortable about the demons, and couldn’t focus. He mainly followed Brin around and managed to sit at the same table as him, with Mudani.
Nomorak, who is usually an old and uncool dwarf by most accounts, soared on this occasion. Something about him caught the interest of almost everyone present, and got a seat at Nomi’s table.
Arsene, the natural partyer, was a hit. He was charming and loved by just about everyone he talked to, and Nomi himself was delighted by him, inviting him to sit with him at his table.

Xehith noticed a hooded figure creeping around the side of the dining room and up the stairs…


Brin, in the midst of a telling the story of felling the Ent at Fjola’s cave, felt Xehith poking him. Xehith whispered to him about Chernon’s presence. Brin sprang up, excusing himself, and ran off up the stairs. Nomi commanded his guards after him. Xehith followed.

Brin ran up the stairs into the hall, and heard some sort of incantation coming from down the hall. He ran past several rooms and saw Chernon standing by a gem on a pedestal; and as Brin ran to stop him, he was tackled by guards. Brin rolled away from them and into the room, seeing the gem and realizing that it was the Blackwick Gem. Then, there was an ear shattering roar. The entire castle stood still as suddenly the far wall of the room containing Chernon, Brin, and the gem collapsed, to reveal a massive dragon’s face framed by the rubble.

Brin saw the dragon breathing in, and knew that fire would be coming. He dove at the pedestal, past Chernon and grabbed the gem. As the dragon began to breathe fire into the room, Xehith jumped in front of all of them, nearly in the dragon’s maw, and roared back, defending them. He took the brunt of the fire, absorbing it, and only allowing some through to Brin, Chernon, the guards, and Nomi, which knocked them down.

Brin got up, threw the gem to Nomi, and jumped onto the dragon’s face, wrapped a hook around a tooth, and jumped back into the room, jumping out of the giant hole in the wall with a heavy suit of armor. As he fell, the dragon swiped at him, attempting to hit him, and he tried to put the armor between him and the claw, but was smacked into the ground. Brin’s weight with the armor yanked out the dragon’s tooth, causing it to roar with pain, and Brin to fall to the ground, in bad shape.

At this point, Nomorak, though enjoying all of the new attention, felt his sense of duty return, and he excused himself to run up the stairs to join his friends. Arsene, meanwhile, asked Talyn if she knew anything about the gem, but she was almost in total shock from the dragon’s roar, and was mostly unresponsive. Arsene followed Nomorak up the stairs moments later.

As Nomorak came up the stairs, he saw Nomi and several guards knocked back into the hallway along with some fire, and as he rounded the corner into the room, he saw Xehith and Chernon on the ground around the pedestal, with Brin jumping out of the window.

Brin scrambled up, to get through the nearest window with his new dragon’s tooth, and shattered through to the other side, in bad shape. Getting up, he saw the dragon’s eye in the hole he’d made in the window, so he threw a stun dagger at it, striking the dragon in the face and knocking it back, with a loud roar.

At this point, the fighters in the room saw as the dragon wound up its arm to strike down the ceiling of the room, trying to crush them underneath. Xehith barked out to clear the room, as he ran out and pushed the two guards still in the room ahead of him, allowing Nomorak and himself to be hit by some falling rubble. Arsene ran to them to help them out, and Nomorak pulled himself out. He ran into the room, leaving the guards, Nomi, and Arsene back in the hall. Xehith pulled himself free as well, getting up and following Nomorak in. Nomi got up, Arsene noticing some profound difference in the way he carried himself, and walked into a room across the hall.

Nomorak dashed forward to the edge, to see what was happening to Brin. Seeing only the dragon’s head near the ground, Nomorak feared the worst, jumping onto the dragon’s back. He landed on it, but started to lose his balance, attempting to plunge his sword into the dragon’s back to keep hold. The sword got stuck on the dragon’s thick scales, and he fell to the ground. Xehith, standing back up in the room, attempted to summon a burning brand, but it exploded in his hands, knocking him back down.

Nomorak got up, and stood tall against the dragon.Suddenly, the doors across the hall upstairs slammed open, and a large Dwarven man in full armor, wielding a battle hammer, charged past Arsene, the guards, and Xehith, and outside. He jumped out, smashing his hammer into the dragon’s back.

There was an exchange of swipes between the dragon, and Nomorak and Nomi. They fought back and forth, and the dragon attempted to grab at Nomi, but Nomorak got in the way, and was hit down. The dragon then grabbed at Nomi again, and attempted to take off. At this point, simultaneously, a stun dagger suddenly hit the dragon in the wing, and knocked it back to the ground. The dragon then attempted again to lift off, and Brin hit the dragon’s claw with another stun dagger, and it let go of Nomi. While this happened, Xehith successfully summoned a burning chain, and threw them at the sword in the dragons back, wrapping them up in it.

The dragon took off.

It flew high into the air, and took Xehith’s chains (and therefore, Xehith) with it. He managed to pull the sword loose, and fell from high above the castle with Nomorak’s sword, back into the garden. The battle was over.


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