Wardens of Iriolan

From breaking ceilings to countless foes

Where friends must part

As the ceiling of the room gives in completely, Brin makes a run for the door, only to find himself in the grip of the goblin leader staring him in the eyes.
“Where is priest friend?!” Still stunned Brin just points to Ivory. But he just shrugs:
“I dont know of no priest.” . Nomorak said with almost anger in his voice:
“He might be under a rock!”.
Thinking about what happened Ivory thought about the goblin in blue robes he killed. Was that the priest? He wore similar kind of clothes as the goblin that is shouting at him right now.
He realised that that was the priest he was talking about.
“I am sorry for your loss. Sometimes the frozen wastes work in msyterious fashions.”
“I have no time for your riddles. What happened in there?” the goblin almost cried out."
Ivory, a little confused that the goblin still didn’t get what he said. With almost disinterest he said: “He’s dead.”.
Right after he said that, the goblins face krinkled up and his face was just a grimace of hatred.
NOT ONLY PRIEST IS DEAD. OTHERS ARE TOO!” he yelled out looking to where the golem has been. Then he started to cry and uproar in golbin.
The goblin grabs Ivory, who managed to turn it around. There was still hope for this goblin. He saved his tribe for some time. We have to get him out of here.
Nomorak saw, what Ivory wanted to do and saw kindness in the elsewhere rather grim and cold Ivory and ran up to help him drag the goblin through the caves, rubble falling from the ceiling.
The goblin tries desperately to break free. Where Ivories grip failed, Nomoraks hands held ther goblin tight. Nomorak saw in the morning goblins eyes. Imbued with Etomars flames he tried to build up the goblins believe in the rest of his tribe, pushing the goblin with him through the darkness.

Whereas Xehith and Brin rushed out of the room with a few other goblins until they reached an intersection. Not knowing where to go Xehith grabs a torch from the wall to see where they have to go only to have the torch extinct the flame.
He searches his backpack for something to relight the torch. Nomorak, Ivory and the goblin arrived in the crossraods. As the new struck flame begins to light the room again, it was not just relief what went through the group. They where surrounded by goblins. And the leader was gone.

With disgust in his eyes the goblin pointed at Ivory. The goblins just swarmed the group, pushing everyone aside who wasnt Ivory. They grabbed him and dragged him into the eastern tunnel. The group could do nothing to protect their friend from this pure mass of bodies.

The goblins draw their weapons at the command of their leader. Xehith raises his hands and coats them in flame, ready to strike when the goblins come near. Nomorak however left his sword where it was and walked towards the goblins with his hands up.
Guided by Etomars wisdom he wanted to prevent further bloodshet. These goblins just tried to protect their home.

The goblins though just began to charge in, where the kobolds just stood there watching.
Ahead of the goblins there was a huge goblin, almost an orc swinging his scimitars in anticipation of whats to come.


Lwalker Greywalker

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