Nomorak Braakenstan

Devoted Paladin of Etomar


Rather old grumpy dwarven paladin devoted to Etomar.
His head is shaven clean but one long grey braid.
For a dwarf he is really tall, but as stout as his brothers. When not
in battle or prayer you see him staring stoic into the distance, deeply sunken
in thoughts.


Braakenstan Clan
Father: Braghan Mother: Triga

Nomorak was born in Penar, one of the biggest dwarven cities in Geaton.
His childhood was really elitist, since he was the only heir of the Braakenstan-Clan.
He went to school in the high-temple and briefly met Xehith Ironbrand. A dwarf, who chose to be a cleric. It was pretty clear, what Nomoraks profession would be. His father has been a temple-guard. And his fathers father.

Entry 1:
Age of Awakening
Penar, Outer Ring, Courtyard
7631 solar cycle

Usual day. Fight training in the courtyard. Got assigned to Graktar, he’s good with his axe.
One of the best training partners you can get. Afternoon. Patrol through the streets. Nothing out of the ordinary. A few drunken roughnecks in the Crushing Hammer. Pitiful. The fire will never illuminate you. A carriage, that had fallen over.
Report to Captain Stouteye.

Entry 2:
Age of Awakening
Penar, Outer Ring, Troup Quarters
8755 solar cycle

Getting ready for mustering in the courtyard. Axe, shield and armor.
As i approach the court a messenger stops me.
“Order from Stouteye. Report to him immediately.”
I salute to the messenger and am on my way.
What would that be.
Stouteye was not the only one, who awaited me in his office.
There was a Paladin of the personal Life-Guard of Erungard.
I salute and report to Stouteye. I turn to the Paladin and do the same.
Smiles and greats me.

That was the day they called me in the inner Ring.
For a long time i asked myself why they chose me to join the Paladins and not someone else.I wiped away these thoughts. They would know why they chose me.
They trust in me. I will make them proud.
Father… i will not disappoint you.

Entry 3:
Age of the Herdfire
Penar, Inner Ring, Hall of Swords
306 solar cycle

Five acolythes and me. Kneeling infront of the High-Paladin of the guard.
The Hall of Swords. Effigies of many of this Order. Paladins. Guards
of peace. Enforcers of righteousness. Shield for the ones in need.

Naî Nomorak Braakenstan
Nautê siannar Etomar
Grautanr varda Breol
Merangar ada Boetki Etomar
Naî Nomorak Braakenstan

This was the day i swore my vows to Etomar.
To preserve the flame of Etomar.
This was the day i gave my life into the fires hands.
The Flame will guide my hand.

Entry 4:
Age of the Herdfire
Penar, Outer Ring, Main Gates
Geaton, Edge of Ysara
1402 solar cycle

This will be my trial. Erungard send me with a group of five other Paladins to escord
a cleric from Penar to a cloister deep in Ysara. Way will not be easy.
But i have faith. My father is with us.
As we stepped through the gate i send a prayer to Etomar to guide us. Keep us safe on our way. Our way though the mountains was easy. My father was leading us on safe ways.
Scenery changed. Snow gave way to dry black mountains that looked like claws that reach out to the sky.
I felt as if im being watched and turned my head, thinking i saw something.
My father laughed at me and slapped me on the shoulder.
I brushed this feeling off and shrugged. He blamed it on me being young.
We decided to make camp before we entered the desert.
I was the first to keep watch in the night.
Dawn came fast. The sky was pitchblack. No stars.
The grip around my axe tightened. Something was wrong.
Someone or something was there. I looked around the camp. Everything was calm and in order. I brushed it off again. There was nobody.
This is the last peaceful memory i have of my father. And i want to remember him as he was.
He was taken. It is my fault. I could have saved him.

As my watch was over i woke up my father.
I woke up to see all of my friends dead. Impaled on black stone pillars and mangled.
I saw the pain in their eyes. I could not find my father on the wall and drew hope. He would know what to do. I prayed to the flame that my father wouldbe fine. I felt only emptiness.
I could’nt look at them like that. I turned around hopeless and frightened. Why am i still alive?
I heard someone laughing. The sound of it sent chills down my spine and i froze where i stood. It was a dwarf, my very own father stood infront of me and laughed… With a voice that wasnt his. With tears in my eyes i tried to move. I couldnt move a muscle.
The creature came towards me and smiled. The face of my father, full of hatred and
contempt. Black veins crawling under the skin, eyes black as pitch and claws at the hands.
My mind was bare of any thought. Grief and fear. I started to cry as the creature reached out to me.
My head was flooded with visions of devastation and destruction. The creature reveled in my pain as i cramped on the ground. Shaken by nightmares.
Then it stopped. Everything stopped.
I only felt the flame. My mind clung to the calming feeling. The flame grew drove away the pain. I was heavily breathing and staring into my fathers eyesas i opened mine.
With disgust in its eyes it conjured black mass in its hands that seemed to consume the light. It hurled the ball at me. Unable to move i closed my eyes. Ready to die.
But it still wasnt over. I heard an earshattering noise. and lost my consciousness.
I opened my eyes. Everything i felt was pain. I tried to stand up, but immediately fell down on my knees again. I looked up and saw that i was sitting in the center of a crater.
Infront of me the charred remains of what seemed to be my father. There was a sword driven into my fathers chest. The wound was still smouldering. I pulled the sword out of his chest and felt the flame with a presence i never felt before. I dug the sword into the ground and prayed to Etomar, that the souls of these brave dwarfes may find their way into his fiery embrace.
I burried the dwarfs and my father on the side of the road.
Then i started to make my way back. My wounds took their toll.
I collapsed on the Bridge to Penar.

Entry 5
Age of never ending Winter
Penar, Inner Ring, Sanctuary of the Flame
4021 solar cycles

I’ve wandered this world for 500 years. I’ve seen terrors and beasts. Defied the greatest horrors. And now I am being sent to seek out the evil, that my father fell prey to.
I swear by my life, that i will find the root of this evil and purge it from the face of this world.
I swear by the flame, that i will not rest, until my Quest is done.

As Nomorak stared into the flames, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Nomorak Braakenstan

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