Brin Blackwick

Dashing Hero


Pretty young man with flowing medium length dark hair. Slender and of medium height he stands out based on his confidence and effortless good looks.


Grew up in Wolfwater with his family: Bertha( Grandmother), Bertram(dad), Beatha(mom), Brienne(older sister), Brie(younger sister).

Brin grew up in a pretty sheltered environment where challenges were easy and most things that happen he could easily overcome. Once he saved a cat from a tree and another time he carried a friend home from the forest when he hurt his knee. Events like this created and reinforced Brins belief that he is a hero that should use his skills to help others. Since the challenges he faced were all so trivial they made him very confident in his abilities.

His older sister Brienne was not as confident in Brins abilities and since Brin seemed dead set on being a hero, she decided to teach him basic swordfighting techniques and how to throw a dagger. While Brin didn’t really excel in swordfighting, his very unorthodox tactics, often involving rope, made the playing field a bit more even. But most of the time he was knocked senseless.

When Brin was sixteen Brienne left and was gifted the Blackwick gem for luck from Bertram and Beatha. A few years later Brin started on his own adventures and have been travelling around Geaton a bit before bumping into his new friends. At the moment he is looking for his sister.

Brin Blackwick

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