Wardens of Iriolan

Out of the darkness
Fighting and a feast

The brave adventurers saw their friend down by the dragon and while the dwarves discussed a plan of action the brave Brin Blackwick climbed down to rescue his friend. The kobolds below moved to engage but with some clever boulder rolling the noble Brin Blackwick managed to get around them to his wounded friend. The honorable Brin Blackwick first tried to win over the kobolds with diplomacy which almost suceeded when it turned out the dragon was sick and needed a healer. After Etomar didn’t favour his paladin with the power of healing the kobolds got angry and the chieftain took a hold of the courageous Brin Blackwicks wounded friend Vraana. To even the odds the tactical mastermind Brin Blackwick threatened to hurt their precious dragon. More and more kobolds entered the cave along with some very big goblins. While the elegantly dressed Brin Blackwick didn’t consider surrender he couldn’t let his wounded friend die at the hands of a kobold so he surrendered his dragon advantage so the cheiftain would give up Brins friend.

Suddenly a voice screaming profanities was heard and the big goblins attacked Brin Blackwicks noble band of adventurers. The kobolds started to run away and a fight ensued. During the battle the always quick thinking Brin Blackwick noticed a man in dark armor as the source of the profanities. Shortly after the fight started both Xehith Ironbrand and Vraana were knocked out but not slain by the goblins who instead chose to focus on the man with the dazzling smile, Brin Blackwick, and his dwarven friend Nomorak. Nomorak managed to dispatch them while the always ahead thinking Brin Blackwick was resting to gather his strength for future battles. After the battle the victors got a lot of shiny gold as their reward but making their way out of the cave the man with strong family values, Brin Blackwick, found a letter that could give some clue as to where his sister is located which was more important to him than all the gold in the world. It was signed with the initials J. A. Mysterious indeed.

The great party managed to find an inn and in that inn they had a great party. It was quite a feast where they befriended a decently good-looking-but-not-as-handsome-as-the-strong-Brin-Blackwick halfling by the name of Jolly Dewfoot. He was tasked to sing the song of the legendary Brin Blackwick, a task which he had long dreamed of. Three days they stayed in the village before embarking on the next step of their journey.

Excerpt from “Brin Blackwicks legends of adventure” by Jolly Dewfoot.

The Ravine
Not Again...

We begin where we left off, with three of our heroes desperate to defend themselves after the fourth was taken away by goblins. Xehith, Brin, and Nomorak were in pretty bad shape, having fought the Golem and dealt with the collapsing cave ceiling themselves. After witnessing Ivory get dragged away by goblins, the group watched as another, larger in stature than most others, stepped to the front of the group of (oddly) well armed, and (more oddly) well arranged, goblins. A group of kobolds also stood watchfully in the west corridor, waiting for something to happen. The beast slashed its swords together, and Brin challenged it to a duel in return, calling it out specifically. The duelists traded blows, Brin parrying blows by the monster but both of them landing blows on each other.

Within moments, Xehith had summoned a flaming flail and intervened, killing the beast. The other goblins jumped to action, as did Nomorak. He took care of the vast majority of them, along with Xehith dispatching several. He was struck down to the ground after missing a swing at a goblin, and before either of his companions could notice, he got up, and grabbed the goblin by his throat, disintegrating him into pure flame, deep fire in his eyes. His companions were rightfully concerned.

Nomorak attempted to shield bash Xehith, and was knocked aside, as was Brin. The two of them got up, taunting Xehith, and running off down the west hall. Xehith followed, albeit several paces behind. The two lucid adventurers raced off down the hall, coming over a rise to see a huge ravine expand before them. It was lit intermittently by torches hung at various heights down the several hundred meter long ravine, itself only 20 or so meters wide. Huts and other sorts of residences were built into the walls all around the ravine, on all levels, and kobolds were running frantically in all directions. Nomorak and Brin ran off down the slope into the deepest part of the ravine, headed to the other side. Turning around, they saw as Xehith slaughtered several kobolds and incinerated a hut. Attempting to minimize the damage, Brin grabbed his trusty rope and hook, slinging it as hard as he could at Xehith, wrapping it around his leg and yanking him off his feet as hard as he could. Xehith grabbed at the rope around his leg, managing to set it aflame, as he was dragged along the depth of the ravine. Watching this, Nomorak waited for the perfect moment, and slammed Xehith’s head with his shield as he slid by on Brin’s rope.

And now, a moment of silence, for Brin’s rope and hook.

Anyway, Brin grabbed a new rope and hook out of his bag, and tied it to Nomorak’s shield, which they placed the unconscious Xehith on and pulled along to the other end of the ravine, finding at the end of it a large continuation of the hall. Walking off down it, they found a small alcove underneath several rocks which seemed a good hiding spot to rest; but Nomorak was not satisfied with just this, sending Brin in to investigate at first, and going in himself after Brin reported that there was a skeleton on the ground. Searching the cave for cracks or anything of the sort, Nomorak a chest beside the skeleton, which Brin investigated. In his tired and shaken state, Brin jostled the skeleton which he thought moved and fell on him, but which had not actually moved. Nomorak took a look for himself, and found a key which seemed to fit the chest he’d found in its hand.

Nomorak set up camp, and, taking the first watch, placed the chest beside Brin, and allowed him and Xehith to rest. Later, Brin woke for his watch, found the chest, and promptly opened it. As Nomorak laid down for sleep, Brin opened the chest and found a cestus inside. Trying it on, he tried punching the wall, which cracked with a loud rumble, and the whole cave shook. Brin was excited.

Waking up several hours later, Xehith, Brin, and Nomorak all continued out into the hallway and off to wherever they might find themselves. Rounding a bend and walking up a slope, they saw a light at the end of the hall. Making it to the edge, they found themselves standing in a hole of a wall, small in comparison to the size of the cavern it was in. Looking around, they saw that the cavern was several hundred meters tall, with an opening and the sky above, and holes in the walls all around them. On the ground, a small dragon lay atop a mound of treasure and gold, asleep. In front of it was a procession of kobolds and a few goblins, which seemed to be in some sense praying, and at the forefront of it all, Ivory unconscious and apparently beaten up on the mound of treasure as well, meters from the dragon’s maw.

From breaking ceilings to countless foes
Where friends must part

As the ceiling of the room gives in completely, Brin makes a run for the door, only to find himself in the grip of the goblin leader staring him in the eyes.
“Where is priest friend?!” Still stunned Brin just points to Ivory. But he just shrugs:
“I dont know of no priest.” . Nomorak said with almost anger in his voice:
“He might be under a rock!”.
Thinking about what happened Ivory thought about the goblin in blue robes he killed. Was that the priest? He wore similar kind of clothes as the goblin that is shouting at him right now.
He realised that that was the priest he was talking about.
“I am sorry for your loss. Sometimes the frozen wastes work in msyterious fashions.”
“I have no time for your riddles. What happened in there?” the goblin almost cried out."
Ivory, a little confused that the goblin still didn’t get what he said. With almost disinterest he said: “He’s dead.”.
Right after he said that, the goblins face krinkled up and his face was just a grimace of hatred.
NOT ONLY PRIEST IS DEAD. OTHERS ARE TOO!” he yelled out looking to where the golem has been. Then he started to cry and uproar in golbin.
The goblin grabs Ivory, who managed to turn it around. There was still hope for this goblin. He saved his tribe for some time. We have to get him out of here.
Nomorak saw, what Ivory wanted to do and saw kindness in the elsewhere rather grim and cold Ivory and ran up to help him drag the goblin through the caves, rubble falling from the ceiling.
The goblin tries desperately to break free. Where Ivories grip failed, Nomoraks hands held ther goblin tight. Nomorak saw in the morning goblins eyes. Imbued with Etomars flames he tried to build up the goblins believe in the rest of his tribe, pushing the goblin with him through the darkness.

Whereas Xehith and Brin rushed out of the room with a few other goblins until they reached an intersection. Not knowing where to go Xehith grabs a torch from the wall to see where they have to go only to have the torch extinct the flame.
He searches his backpack for something to relight the torch. Nomorak, Ivory and the goblin arrived in the crossraods. As the new struck flame begins to light the room again, it was not just relief what went through the group. They where surrounded by goblins. And the leader was gone.

With disgust in his eyes the goblin pointed at Ivory. The goblins just swarmed the group, pushing everyone aside who wasnt Ivory. They grabbed him and dragged him into the eastern tunnel. The group could do nothing to protect their friend from this pure mass of bodies.

The goblins draw their weapons at the command of their leader. Xehith raises his hands and coats them in flame, ready to strike when the goblins come near. Nomorak however left his sword where it was and walked towards the goblins with his hands up.
Guided by Etomars wisdom he wanted to prevent further bloodshet. These goblins just tried to protect their home.

The goblins though just began to charge in, where the kobolds just stood there watching.
Ahead of the goblins there was a huge goblin, almost an orc swinging his scimitars in anticipation of whats to come.

The Golem
A chapter that goes anything but lame!

Amidst the crispy spider corpses the golem stood.
With his looks as insurmountable as the stone he was made of, the only logical plan for our party was to retreat.
Fight it now would be foolish at best, suicidal at worst.

Realizing this, Brin yelled to his companions to retreat through the tunnel, starting with this right away.
Ivory hesitated to wait for the smal- ehm, height challenged groupmembers, who were still below the hill on which the goblin had breathed his last breath just moments ago.
Being of Etomar‘s finest paladins, the hill was nothing for Nomorak, but Xehith slipped.
The approaching golem tossed a boulder at Ivory, who could dodge it with ease, so it hit nothing but the poor goblin’s corpse.
Rest or peace seemed to be granted to no one in these moments.

Wanting to protect his friend, Nomorak jumped back down to Xehith and Ivory called for Brin to return, seeing how
the retreat didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated.
Speaking of him… where was Brin now anyway?

Following the natural looking tunnel, he eventually reached a room with long tables, covered in plates with food still on them,
left behind in all haste.
His noisy investigation of the room yielded not much inside, so he went and opened the wooden door on the other side of the room.
A putrid stench wafted out of the corridor behind and the marching of many feet was quickly getting closer.
Though before he his exploration could carry him deeper into the tunnel system, he heared Ivory’s call and,
now realizing he was still all alone, made his way back to the party eagerly.

The golem jumped!
Higher than anyone would have expected, while reading a double-fisted strike.
Nomorak raised his shield above his head, bracing for the impact, as he told Ivory to get Xehith up the hill steep slope.
The golem’s strike slammed the noble paladin straight into the cavewall, where he had to take a moment to get himself back together.

In the meantime Ivory slid down to Xehith and got him up the ledge just as Brin arrived.
Waiting not a second, Brin swung his hook around the stoned faced beings forehead and jumped over it, with a front- AND a backflip.
As he landed behind it and pulled on the rope, the golem was forced down to the ground.

Nomorak slowly pulled himself back up, shaken not only by the golem’s strike, but also feeling failed by Etomar, letting this happen to HIM,
and he called for his sword, which Ivory tossed towards him.
In this moment Xehith also called for his weapon, but his call was directed to Etomar himself and answered by a long,
spiked chain of purest flames.
He swung it and ensnared the golems arms in it, leaving it helpless on the ground… for now.

By now the beating drums and marching feet grew louder from out of the tunnel and our party made their way up the ledge.
Brin helped the shaken Nomorak, not without bumping into Xehith, which broke his concentration and let the golem wiggle free.
Through the tunnel once more, this time all of them and with an rock-hard pursuer.

The once empty room was now swarming with goblins and kobolds, who stormed towards our group.
Ivory and Nomorak got ready to break through the assault, but were met with no resistance, as the ragtag army with it’s makeshift
weapons charged past them in return to break themselves upon the golem.

Now in the large room, the group saw the commander of this attack, a goblin ornate similarly to the one back in the cave.
He stood on a table and yelled orders in the strange noise that those beings insist on being a language.
Brin seized the moment, jumped off of Nomorak’s shoulders and high into the air as he yelled: I AM BRIN BLACKWICK! SURRENDER OR DIE!".
The commander…. did neither, wasting not a second on the strange intruder, as he continued to coordinate his assault.
Now Xehith walked towards him, eyes burning and the goblin leader couldn’t help but lock eyes with the dwarf.
As Xehith could now see, in the goblins mind echoed a cultish chant about the survival of the tribe.
After he shared this information with the group, they positioned themselves at the doorway, awaiting the golem’s inevitable arrival.

They didn’t have to wait long.
More and more small, unbearded, beings surged past them and the sounds of their deaths comes closer and closer.
Smashing the small bodies left and right into the cavewall the golem returned into sight, bathed in blood and indistinguishable entrails.
But instead of breaking through the doorway, the golem started to hammer against the tunnelwall right next to it.
Upon seeing the golem’s plan, Brin ran over to the commander and slapped him, telling him to get his people out of there, as
their group could protect them.
A resentful slap at Brin later the indignified goblin commander was back at giving orders.

Somewhat frustrated by the result of this, Brin threw his explosive daggers at the golem.
One got struck by a misguided fiery arrow from Xehith and exploded right in front of Brin, which left him in a pretty bad shape, but the
remaining flurry of daggers hit it’s mark and knocked the golem backwards.
Taking the opportunity, the kobolds and goblins swarmed the golem, but only could do so much, as the golems continued his
gruesome work. The little ones got killed faster than new ones could take their place.
Ivory swung his mace at the golem’s chest to keep it down, but the golem kicked him in return and he flew back into the room, smashing several tables.
Meanwhile Nomorak prayed to Etomar and laid his hand on Brin, He felt Etomar’s blessing once again surge through him as he patched Brin back up.

The golem managed to struggle free and went back to work on the wall.
Slowly the tunnel behind it starts to collapse and eventually buries the golem under the rubble, leaving only a few remaining
goblins, kobolds, their leader, our group and… the room’s cracking ceiling…

A warm welcome
and innocent goblin murdering

Before the party entered the cave Xehith lit a few torches, giving one to Brin while keeping the other one for himself. The dwarfs led the humans into the cave. Trying to cover up their entering Xehith lowered the flame of the torch only to find himself loosing grasp of the flame. Imbued with dark flames the fire flickered for a few moments. Obviously startled Xehith overlooked the end of the path and if it wasnt for Nomoraks snaplike reflexes he would have fallen into the pit. Freed from his grip the torch lit up the bottom of the cave for a brink moment. The ground seemed to be moving. Thankful to Nomorak for catching him, Xehith needed a moment to take a breath. Fearless, as we know him, Brin prepared a rope to climb down into the pit, knowing that something could be downthere. While Brin was climbing down, the noise of claws hitting rock became louder and louder. Reaching the bottom of the pit, he found himselff surrounded by thousands of mug sized spiders. Unready to fend off such a horde he clung on to the rope screaming that the party should get him up quickly. Staggered by Nomorak and Ivory pulling the rope up upwards the dragontooth slipped out of his pocket. Brin was able to snatch the dragontooth in midair. Something hairy came alongside the tooth, a spider leapt onto his arm biting deep into his shoulder. Xehith punched the spider off of Brin back.
“Maybe it’d be a good idea to find a different way…” someone tried to say while Xehith summoned an enormous mace of pure flame to throw it into the pit. A second before it reached the ground, he pulled his hands aside and the mace exploded into a gigantic fireball that filled the entire room.

Xehith noticed an observer on a lower pathway. The creature was about dwarf size and was wearing a long robe, Just silently observing. Curious, Brin grabbed the rope and swung down taking Ivory with him. He immediately pinned down the creature, that turned out to be a goblin, and wanted to ask him what hes doing down here. The goblin was surprised and looked very frightened of these men. As he saw the mace of the masked man flying towards his face he immediately jumps to the side to dodge the strike, in which he doesnt succeed completely. Being struck at the leg he desperately mumbles words in a foreign language.

Xehith manages to reach the bottom of the pit unharmed and feels the winds of magic shift in the cave. As he notices the goblin talking he knew that something bad was about to happen.

Unhappy with the goblin still alive Ivory prepares to take a big swing at him, only to get interrupted by Brin. Grunting at him Ivory continues to pursue the goblin and splits his head in half with a massive swing. Brin stares at him, not believeing what he just saw.

As the goblin took his last breath, the cave was filled with an unbearable screech originating from the opposing side of the cave. The party turned around and they found themselves face to face against a giant golem to the sound of wardrums.

Travelling to a cave

The party was pretty beat up after the battle against the dragon. They spent the next few days resting and regaining their strength. Some of the party did various jobs while the others were resting. Brin talked a bit with Nomi about where he got the gem and Nomi told Brin about a cave where he found it. Nomi also voiced his concerns about dragons and wardens working together and how that must be prevented. He couldn’t offer any aid besides helping the party while they were in Ohmnet though.
An elf tried to talk Arsène into looking for her brother and sister-in-law.H e didn’t seem that interested though but Brin agreed to help her.
The party also recruited an elfish tracker called Enania while resting in Ohmnet.

They set out for the cave to the west of Ohmnet to find clues about Brins sister.
On the way they slayed some corrupted being that was fighting a bear.
When they got to the cave they rested for a while before being attacked by kobolds in the middle of the night. The party won though and are now about to descend into the cave.

The Party
Dragon Drops by

The days were winding away towards the party, and the group began to take some last errands around Ohmnet.

- Xehith went to the temple of Etomar, to attempt to see if he could count on Etomar helping him to keep the demons inside him at bay; but something shook him, and he felt thrown by it. He did not feel fully comfortable going to the party, but he knew he had to.

- Nomorak looking for something to do, visited the town guard to see if he could help out in some way. The Guard Captain told him that a party of miners was going out to mine some ore and jewels, and would need some protection on the road. On the way there, the party got lost, and Arsene had to help them get back on track, although he butted heads a bit with the jealous leader of the mining party. Once they were back to town, the Captain thanked Arsene for his work and paid him a little money. Not feeling very good on the inside, he decided later that night to look about town for a healer. However, in asking around, he did rather poorly in asking around town, and was actually to the annoyance of everyone.

- Brin spent the day in his room, preparing himself for the party the next day, refitting his new finery, practicing telling stories, and more.

- Vrana, looking for some money, went out to find a healing shop of some sort, and found a small office run by an elven woman named Rina. She helped her in her healing some wounded soldiers for a few hours, and afterwards, payed Rina to train her a little and show her some tricks in healing.

The next morning, Nomorak left breakfast with the others, stating he was going to try and find a healer as with the previous day. Vrana stopped him, and told him that she knew of a healer. She led him to Rina’s shop, and left him there. Nomorak went in, asking Rina to heal him of his debilities, and she said it would take several days of rest, and would cost him a pretty penny.

That night…

It is the birthday party of Talyn, Nomi the Beardless’ wife. The group enters a large ballroom, with two large sets of stairs winding around into the floor. Arsene stepped forward, announcing the entrance of the adventurers. As this was happening, Brin entered in a big way, sliding down a rope and landing on a tray, knocking over the servant carrying it, sliding across the floor, and kneeling in front of a short looking man he did not recognize, stating “Brin Blackwick, at your service.”

Xehith notices Brin speaking to the short man, notices that it is actually Nomi himself, and knows Brin will most likely make a fool of them. He rushes down after Brin, and as Brin steps away, he speaks to Nomi, apologizing for Brin’s behavior. Brin had left, them behind, swarmed by fans of his, and eventually found his way to Mudani.

Then, the party begins.

The group mingled around the party, trying their best to make good impressions.
Brin tried to be his regular self, charming left and right, but was slightly held down by Mudani constantly clinging to him. He landed a spot at her table (the kid’s table).
Xehith felt perpetually uncomfortable about the demons, and couldn’t focus. He mainly followed Brin around and managed to sit at the same table as him, with Mudani.
Nomorak, who is usually an old and uncool dwarf by most accounts, soared on this occasion. Something about him caught the interest of almost everyone present, and got a seat at Nomi’s table.
Arsene, the natural partyer, was a hit. He was charming and loved by just about everyone he talked to, and Nomi himself was delighted by him, inviting him to sit with him at his table.

Xehith noticed a hooded figure creeping around the side of the dining room and up the stairs…


Brin, in the midst of a telling the story of felling the Ent at Fjola’s cave, felt Xehith poking him. Xehith whispered to him about Chernon’s presence. Brin sprang up, excusing himself, and ran off up the stairs. Nomi commanded his guards after him. Xehith followed.

Brin ran up the stairs into the hall, and heard some sort of incantation coming from down the hall. He ran past several rooms and saw Chernon standing by a gem on a pedestal; and as Brin ran to stop him, he was tackled by guards. Brin rolled away from them and into the room, seeing the gem and realizing that it was the Blackwick Gem. Then, there was an ear shattering roar. The entire castle stood still as suddenly the far wall of the room containing Chernon, Brin, and the gem collapsed, to reveal a massive dragon’s face framed by the rubble.

Brin saw the dragon breathing in, and knew that fire would be coming. He dove at the pedestal, past Chernon and grabbed the gem. As the dragon began to breathe fire into the room, Xehith jumped in front of all of them, nearly in the dragon’s maw, and roared back, defending them. He took the brunt of the fire, absorbing it, and only allowing some through to Brin, Chernon, the guards, and Nomi, which knocked them down.

Brin got up, threw the gem to Nomi, and jumped onto the dragon’s face, wrapped a hook around a tooth, and jumped back into the room, jumping out of the giant hole in the wall with a heavy suit of armor. As he fell, the dragon swiped at him, attempting to hit him, and he tried to put the armor between him and the claw, but was smacked into the ground. Brin’s weight with the armor yanked out the dragon’s tooth, causing it to roar with pain, and Brin to fall to the ground, in bad shape.

At this point, Nomorak, though enjoying all of the new attention, felt his sense of duty return, and he excused himself to run up the stairs to join his friends. Arsene, meanwhile, asked Talyn if she knew anything about the gem, but she was almost in total shock from the dragon’s roar, and was mostly unresponsive. Arsene followed Nomorak up the stairs moments later.

As Nomorak came up the stairs, he saw Nomi and several guards knocked back into the hallway along with some fire, and as he rounded the corner into the room, he saw Xehith and Chernon on the ground around the pedestal, with Brin jumping out of the window.

Brin scrambled up, to get through the nearest window with his new dragon’s tooth, and shattered through to the other side, in bad shape. Getting up, he saw the dragon’s eye in the hole he’d made in the window, so he threw a stun dagger at it, striking the dragon in the face and knocking it back, with a loud roar.

At this point, the fighters in the room saw as the dragon wound up its arm to strike down the ceiling of the room, trying to crush them underneath. Xehith barked out to clear the room, as he ran out and pushed the two guards still in the room ahead of him, allowing Nomorak and himself to be hit by some falling rubble. Arsene ran to them to help them out, and Nomorak pulled himself out. He ran into the room, leaving the guards, Nomi, and Arsene back in the hall. Xehith pulled himself free as well, getting up and following Nomorak in. Nomi got up, Arsene noticing some profound difference in the way he carried himself, and walked into a room across the hall.

Nomorak dashed forward to the edge, to see what was happening to Brin. Seeing only the dragon’s head near the ground, Nomorak feared the worst, jumping onto the dragon’s back. He landed on it, but started to lose his balance, attempting to plunge his sword into the dragon’s back to keep hold. The sword got stuck on the dragon’s thick scales, and he fell to the ground. Xehith, standing back up in the room, attempted to summon a burning brand, but it exploded in his hands, knocking him back down.

Nomorak got up, and stood tall against the dragon.Suddenly, the doors across the hall upstairs slammed open, and a large Dwarven man in full armor, wielding a battle hammer, charged past Arsene, the guards, and Xehith, and outside. He jumped out, smashing his hammer into the dragon’s back.

There was an exchange of swipes between the dragon, and Nomorak and Nomi. They fought back and forth, and the dragon attempted to grab at Nomi, but Nomorak got in the way, and was hit down. The dragon then grabbed at Nomi again, and attempted to take off. At this point, simultaneously, a stun dagger suddenly hit the dragon in the wing, and knocked it back to the ground. The dragon then attempted again to lift off, and Brin hit the dragon’s claw with another stun dagger, and it let go of Nomi. While this happened, Xehith successfully summoned a burning chain, and threw them at the sword in the dragons back, wrapping them up in it.

The dragon took off.

It flew high into the air, and took Xehith’s chains (and therefore, Xehith) with it. He managed to pull the sword loose, and fell from high above the castle with Nomorak’s sword, back into the garden. The battle was over.

The Barbarians
Barbaric Camp

The Following Months

In the months following the incident with the werewolf, the party traveled together for various reasons, each essentially knowing they themselves are too weak to take on the life of adventure by themselves, but instead looking to the rest of the group for camaraderie and support. As for Aric, he slowly came to terms with his mother’s death, but not necessarily in a good way. His skin went pale, much to the concern of the group. He made a covenant with death to avenge the death of his mother and fuel his hatred of shapechangers (specifically werewolves). The group wandered the frontier for about 6 months, killing about 6.5 werewolves.

What’s Your Name Again?

The party, sitting in a pub in the town of Royton, discussed their next move with no particular passion. A young man walks into the pub, approached the bartender, who goes to the group at the table, and asks that they help him with a problem he has. His family owned a farm outside of town, partway into the Wild, which had been harassed by a wandering band of barbarians for months leading up to the point where his father could no longer pay them off, and they killed him and kidnapped his wife, the boy’s mother. He is unsure if his mother is still alive, but above all else wants the leader of the band dead. His name is Liam.

Way to Go, Brin

Liam leads the group to his farm, and points them in the direction of the barbarian’s path when they left the farm. The group follows them for several days, eventually tracking them to the side of a medium sized river several miles into the Wild. They camp out further up the river, waiting until the dead of night to attack. When night falls, they make their way down to large encampment and plan their attack. Levi, having taken on the new face of Vrana, climbs a tree with Brin as they prepare to swing down and ambush several patrolling guards, while Xehith and Aric make their way around the camp to attack from a different angle. Brin and Vrana attempt to swing down and attack two guards, both of whom hear the confident laughs of the young hero from up in the tree, and side step their attack, engaging them in battle.

Way to Go, Xehith

As Aric and Xehith make their way around the camp, they eventually hear a series of loud screams from where they left their friends, but decide to press on, their job now having been made easier now that many of the guards ran in the direction of the noise. At this point, Xehith, whose will power to resist had been diminishing for the preceding months, finally gives into his lord Etomar, and, upon seeing the disorder of the barbarians and their fires, wishes to see it burn. He surges forward and attacks a man stepping out of a tent on their left, and attacks him, but is easily thrown down by the large man. Aric runs past and towards the largest tent.

Shit, SHit, Aric OUT

Aric makes a break for the largest tent, and runs inside. Once inside, he observed a figure rise from a bed roll to super human size, and no sign of any prisoners. He engages the goliath of a man in a fight, and after taking a hit, realizes the true power of the thing he was fighting, and knew he could not take it on himself. He quickly gets the goliath wrapped up in the tent and runs for the forest, in bad shape.

Sick Burn, Bro

Xehith, now on the ground, conjures a battle axe of dark flame and easily burns the man who threw him down, and steps into the tent, so filled with fanatical rage that he could hardly discern the faces of the people inside, simply setting it on fire and cutting it down, and stepping out. A scream is heard from inside. Aric immediately hears it, and, to his own dismay, knows he has to run back to save what must be Liam’s mother.

Well, We Got the Girl

Aric jumps into the tent to save Liam’s mother, and pulls her out. Xehith uses the water in his flask to put out her clothes and hair, which were on fire. They notice that the barbarians around them, especially the leader, were starting to notice them, and Xehith uses the fire of the tent to conjure a wall of pure flame for an instant to stun the men, and they run.

Aric, Xehith, and the mother run hard from the camp, and with a hard yell and gesture they have Vrana and Brin rejoin them. They make their way back to their camp, and move it much further up stream, away from the camp, and rest. Several of the members of the group take the time to reflect on what they had learned from the experience, and use it to hone their own skills a bit more.

The Werewolf
The Beginning


We begin in the peaceful village of Claybrook, a medium sized village with a small market district, and a good number of farms clustered around it, growing mostly simple subsistence crops like corn, wheat, and potatoes. The town is on the edge of civilization, in the western frontier of Geaton, inside the cusp of the Wild. It is of moderate size, but there is no watch, just a small militia of farmers and residents ready to raise their torches and pitchforks.

The Cast:

Werewolf! Werewolf!
The mayor called a meeting in the centre of the market district of town to deal with some rumors going around: whisperings of a werewolf walking among the people. Brin readily volunteers, as he is always interested in adventure. Xehith feels compelled to fight, and Levi, several mornings earlier, noticed the disappearance of his entire troupe the night he spent away in another house. both raise their hands, interested in the rumors. Aric, along with a good amount of other villagers, begrudgingly raise their shovels.

To Battle, Away!

A group of the villagers that volunteered (along with several outsiders) meet up at night on Aric’s family farm, steeling themselves on the watch for any kind of disturbances in the area. As it happens, they notice a small amount of movement off in the distance. Brin takes off. The others cross over a hill towards the farm, another small potato farm similar to Aric’s family’s, and as they walk Xehith feels the dark fires of Etomar burn in his veins as he gazes upon Aric, and knows that he must protect him or care for him in some way. He approaches him, pledging his protection to Aric, much to Aric’s intimidation. As the party approaches, they fail to find the source of the disturbance.

What an Ass

Brin, unstayed, laughs triumphantly, jumps onto a nearby fence, landing on a nearby, previously unnoticed, bull. He lands successfully, attempts to hit the bull with the side of his sword to get it to go in the direction of a hill just east of them, where they see a small amount of movement. On the contrary, the bull shoots off in the opposite direction, and Brin, hardly dismayed, pulls a hook and rope from his bag and hooks it around a pole, swinging the bull around, and riding it off in the direction of the noise. The rest of the party observes, dumbstruck by the level of unrestricted foolery.

Ass down, Ass down

As the party crosses the hill, they see a savage fight taking place several hundred feet away. They rush in the general direction, and see Brin, unconscious but unharmed, on the ground. They rush to make sure he is okay, as the bull is engaged with a vicious with a large humanoid figure. As they get him to his feet, they begin to engage in a fight with the werewolf.

Damn Dirty Werewolves

The various experienced fighters struggle, but they try their best. Aric, when placed on the spot, by a huge stroke of luck, had Ivory’s mace dropped on his foot, which made him smack his spade into the chin of the werewolf. As they fought the great beast, they injured it to the point of it running away, at which point Xehith conjured a spear of pure flame, and hurled it at the beast, striking it through the heart and killing it. At this point, the party approaches the dead figure, and turns it over to see the body of Aric’s mother. He doesn’t take it well.

Sorry about your bull…

The party makes a quick stop at the owner of the farm’s house to apologize for the death of his bull, to which the farmer responds with mostly slow confusion and lack of care. Brin does his best to pay off the man for his bull, with a measly 7 coin out of the roughly 60 or 75 a bull would cost. The man is unimpressed.

Heroes! Right?

As the party returns to the town, they are approached by an apprehensive group of villagers, led by the mayor, asking if the werewolf is dead. Upon hearing that the werewolf was Aric’s mother, the party tries to protect Aric from the possibility of the villagers believing Aric might be a werewolf, which they screw up pretty bad, nearly actually convincing the villagers of something they never thought in the first place. This, however, was never really an issue, because the mayor at the least is aware that lycanthropy is only transmitted through bites. Apparently, the party is not.


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